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CAYC Cases


At CAYCCASES, we provide you with the chance to receive a premium item at a fraction of the price. Imagine paying $70 for a Rolex that could have set you back $11,000. Or $500 for a brand new Lamborghini! Ask yourself, how hyped would you feel? Well, with CAYCCASES, you don't have to imagine! Thousands of our customers have already taken the plunge and reaped the benefits.


First off, you'll need to create an account with us. How else are you going to open our luxury mystery boxes? Make sure you tick 'I'd like to receive valuable promotions via email' to stay up to date with giveaways and hot product releases.
Now you're signed in, take a look around. Peak our collection of exclusive mystery boxes, updated weekly, and familiarise yourself with our odds system. Don't forget to unlock your first promo code for a free box!


Excited to get started? We thought so! You just need to top up your account. We have a range of payment methods available, and accept most major credit cards.
Now it's time to choose your box. From the latest tech to must-have sneakers and luxury sports cars, our mystery boxes are packed with products from the hottest brands in the world. So take your pick, and make it a good one!0


The moment's here! You're ready to open your first mystery box. If you receive an item less than the value of your chosen box, you'll also receive XP to make up the difference. Your XP is used to level up and unlock our new-and-improved daily free rewards. Good luck!


If you want to up the ante, go head to head with other users in box battles! As with regular unboxing, choose your mystery box(es), enter the ring and wait for an opponent to join. When the opponent's in, the battle begins.
You'll each receive one product per round (as determined by our provably fair method), and the user that collects the highest unboxed value at the end of the battle will claim the contents from both. Unless there's a tie... in which case the winner gets decided through a coin flip. If you don't come out on top, you'll receive XP equivalent to the cost of the battle.


Want to take a chance on a higher value item than that you've unboxed? We've got just the thing! With our upgrade feature, you could multiply your product by 2x, 10x or even 50x its value. Just select the item in your cart, multiply its value by your desired amount, sit back and relax.
If you succeed, you'll receive a higher value item. If you fail, your item will be destroyed and you'll receive XP equivalent to its cost. With CAYCCASES, there's always a chance to win!


Happy with your unboxed item? Then make your order. But if you'd prefer something else, we understand. You can exchange your unboxed item for a more desirable product in our collection; the choice is always yours!
Once you've ordered, our dedicated shipping team will work as fast as they can to get your authentic item on its way. It'll be at your door before you know it.
*Please be aware that some items can only be shipped to specific regions, as outlined in our FAQ's. These items can be exchanged for cryptocurrency upon withdrawal.


Do it all again! Use your *XP to collect daily free rewards. And for every 10 levels you climb, a new daily reward will unlock! From Jordans to MacBooks, our daily free reward system gives you a chance to unbox the hottest releases for free. The sky’s the limit! So what are you waiting for?
*You can now buy XP on your profile! Climb levels faster than before, and unbox our new-and-improved daily free rewards faster than ever.
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