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Over $3.8 million has been invested as of July 2022 into the Cyber Apes Yacht Clubs for access to enclaves, events, and venues, with The team will continue to work on exclusive venues and more & more unmatched utility as time goes on. CAYC will hold periodic sponsorship of Sporting Events, Concerts and VIP parties each year in changing locations around the world. The CAYC Community Membership level will determine your access to these exclusive events, from virtual metaverse events, to real life front row seats and more. Private yacht parties, discounts to hotels, flights, insurance and more are all benefits that the CAYC community will benefit from.
The metaverse may be worth $800 billion by 2024 due to a surge in interest during the pandemic. That's up from $47 billion in 2020. source​
JP Morgan predicts the Metaverse market size will be worth $1 trillion (no time frame given). source​
Goldman Sachs predicts the Metaverse market size will be worth $1-12 trillion (no time frame given) source​
The market was worth $678 billion in 2020. source​
By 2022, there will be 1.1 billion mobile users worldwide. source​
83.7 million Americans will use AR monthly in 2020. Over 110 million people will use the service by 2023. source​
10.7 million people have attended Fortnite concerts. source​
45.8 million people saw Travis Scott's Astronomical show. source​
In October 2021, the Web 2.0 metaverse was valued at $14.8 trillion. source​
In a poll of 1000 respondents, 48% said they would join the metaverse for the art and live entertainment, while 44% would participate for bitcoin and NFTs. source​
Decentraland raised $24 million ahead of its February 2020 release. source​
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