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GambleStakes: CAYC owners have the ability to stake into the casino and receive rewards dependent on the assests of the CAYC NFT held. Holders will retain possession of their NFT versus sending it to the casino to be held. CAYC holders get to hold on to their NFTs while their wallets continue to grow.
CAYCCases: CAYC Cases is an online mystery box website that anyone 18+ can use. There are a few factors that make CAYCCases unique. There's no need to wait until the delivery of the virtual box to know what's inside. All this with a Provably Fair System in place. With the use of Provably Fair Code:
const crypto = require('crypto');
// --- BEGIN: Fill these values
// Server seed created when new game is created
const serverSeed = '<SERVER SEED HERE>';
// Hash (ID) of the mined EOS block in the future (assigned at the start of the game)
const clientSeed = '<EOS HASH HERE>';
// Numeric ID of the specific PVP bet (used as the nonce)
const pvpBetId = 9999;
// --- END: Fill these values
// Turn this on if you want to see all the messages
const verboseMode = false;
// Get random roll value using provided information
const rollValue = getRandomRollValue(serverSeed, clientSeed, pvpBetId);
console.log(`Roll value: ${rollValue}`);
* Below this line are algorithmic functions used for calculating a roll value
* =============================================================================
function log(message) {
if (verboseMode) {
function getCombinedSeed(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce) {
return [serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce].join('-');
function getRandomRollValue(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce) {
const min = 1;
const max = 100_000_000;
const rollValue = this.getRandomIntValue(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce, max - min);
// Get random integer
return rollValue + min;
function getRandomIntValue(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce, maxNumber) {
// Generate seed and hash
const seed = getCombinedSeed(serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce);
log(`Combined seed value: ${seed}`);
const hash = crypto.createHmac('sha256', seed).digest('hex');
// Get value from hash
const subHash = hash.substr(0, 8);
const valueFromHash = parseInt(subHash, 16);
// Get dynamic result for this roll
return Math.abs(valueFromHash) % maxNumber;
CAYC Exchange: CAYC.EXCHANGE is a full Crypto Exchange supporting all major cryptocurrencies and wallet management, including access to trade the CAYC coin. Quick deposit and withdrawal options and the lowest fees of any exchange for our members.
UnrealKingdoms: A Web3/5 open world consisting of the largest land plots available. Quests, battles, collectables, community and earning potential are all possible. Users can fly their dragon, battle their NFT against others in virtual reality battles, and explore Unreal Kingdoms on Earth, Space and new worlds yet to be discovered.
Easter Egg Hunt: Access to a one-of-a-kind Ready Player One based Easter Egg Hunt "The Hunt" which thousands of CAYC owners will play through clues, quests, puzzles, and games in search for the final Ethereum wallet, valued at over $250,000 USD.
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