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Unreal Kingdoms

To become the first all in one. The ever promised but never delivered from so many other projects, finally coming to fruition. Cyber Ape Yacht Club was tired of all these projects being all talk, promising its holders this "all great metaverse" and never delivering. CAYC had a thought: "well, we've got some full stack developers on standby, lets do what these projects failed to achieve" and that's exactly what we did. 3 months later, UnrealKingdoms came to be. Created as the worlds largest metaverse, fully equipped in Unreal Engine 5 driven with play to earn mechanics, being a full stack triple A video game, complete VR experience, and all in one station for everything gambling, crypto earning, and more. Users have started purchasing plots at, because they know that ever single time a player is farming, hunting, mining, or killing on your land you directly reap profits from such.
Unreal Kingdoms is our ever-expanding (and already worlds largest) Metaverse built out in Unreal Engine 5. Create your own story and shape your own destiny in a fully immersive open world gaming experience. Not only do we own the patents to for all Web3 ticketing, streaming, pay-per-view and subscription services, but you get to be part of an ever-growing community where dreams truly do come true. Starting with the Dragon Kingdoms, the Space Station, and CAYC Kingdoms. Focusing on play to earn, social gaming environment, social learning, and helping businesses grow into the future of the internet. Became the first ever metaverse to partner with Xbox and Playstation.