Plots are available for purchase on, in combination with out plots, patents, & GambleStakes, each plot is hosted in the Web3 metaverse, while also server sided having a web2 website assosiated with their land. Plot owners can choose to setup to place their land in Unreal Kingdoms and reap the benefits from Hunting, Farming, Building and also a % of the profits from users also doing this on the land you own!
Be able to also advertise and show off your customized Penthouse in the Space Station. Yes you have the prestige to be overlooking the crowds of people below you in the Spacestation. This is seen due to the continous flow of users and Spaceships coming in and out to the other Metaverses. With a multitude of scenes and locations you can place your land down. You can join the custom build lands and stake your claim. Fit to be able to fulfil all your desires for the type of game play you have. You can choose with our chaos build system you are able to scupt your land that fits your needs or keep it available for hunting and farming grounds.